L.P.M. s.n.c. was created in 1985 as an
Indipendent Technological Laboratory.

It then greatly developed during the years, standing out more and more for its professionalism and the efficiency of its thecnicians, also applying and achieving the ISO 9001 quality certification and the accreditation according to UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17025.

The laboratory internally works the material to examine in its own workshop, where the test specimens for the final inspection are also built.

Worth mentioning are also the corrosion tests and the thermal treatments which enrich the already large tests range offered to our Customers.

Thanks to a rich and constantly up-to-date Technical Library our Thecnicians can correctly interpret the Rules to be applied in the fields of the various tests which are requested from time to time.

Our highly qualified staff is always available and able to satisfy any technical and/or commercial need that our Customers may have.

Finally, the Laboratory is located in a very strategic position and is very easy to reach, right close to the PIACENZA OVEST exit on the A1 and A21 motorways.

The laboratory is accredited for the test methods indicated in the list attached to the Accreditation certificate published on the website www.accredia.it.

The Accreditation obtained by the laboratory does not include activities relating to the formulation of objective judgements or professional opinions, even if based on objective results of accredited tests.

Accreditation demonstrates the technical competence of the Laboratory to perform the tests indicated in the scope of accreditation; the issue of the test reports does not constitute a declaration of conformity with the mandatory requirements of the samples tested.

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